Early Human History

  • 500,000 – 40,000 BC: Birth of Man: The Asgardian God Odin plants an ash and an alder tree on Earth.  Ages later, his son Thor journeys to King Mirmir with a branch from Yggdrasill, the World Tree, and gives it to him.  Mirmir stirs his enchanted fountain with the branch and liquid drops fall onto the ash and alder tree on Midgard (Earth).  They transform into Aske and Embla, the first humans.  (JiM 103, Thor Annual 5, this account is from Asgardian accounts and may not be literal (Thor 294)).
  • 200,000 BC: Appearance of Modern Man (homo sapien sapien) according to fossil record.
  • The Celestial-created Eternals build a city named Titanos (later Olympus).  The war-like Uranos battles Kronos (Chronos), Oceanus and other Titans who desire peace.  Uranos is defeated and exiled to space, eventually landing first on Uranus, and then Saturn's moon Titan, where his group begins establishing a new home, Titan.  The Kree encounter these Eternals and are inspired to begin researching their own genetic experiments on humans, much later resulting in the Inhumans (What If 26-28).  
  • The Eternal, Chronos, raises two offspring, the war-like Zuras and the peaceful A'Lars (later Mentor).  When Chronos is later dispersed into the universe as a higher being during an accident (giving immortality to the Eternals as a side-benefit), Zuras is made ruler of of Titanos/Olympus by the Uni-Mind, and A'Lars leaves for outer space (What If 24, 25).  A'Lars settles on Titan (as did Uranos millenia ago), and with it's sole surviving native, Sui-San, establishes a peaceful civilization there.  He becomes Mentor and raises hedonistic Eros and warlike Thanos. (date approx., Captain Marvel 29)
  • 25,000 BC: Kree explorers visiting Earth discover the Celestial-created Eternals and decide to plant their own genetic seeds which will develop into the Inhumans.  The Inhumans live in Attilan, the Hidden Land, an island in the North Atlantic.  King Randac is the first to enter the Terrigen mists which will eventually be utilized to mutate all of the genetically enhanced humanoids into Inhumans (Thor 146-147).
  • Water-breathing humanoids (homo mermanus) separate into two factions, the Lemurians in the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlanteans in the Atlantic (Sub-Mariner 9, 10).  
  • Atlantean mystics discover scrolls left behind by the fled Elder God Chthon and bind them into the Darkhold.  They use spells from the Darkhold to make their defeated foes into vampires, but are overthrown by their own creations (Dr Strange 61).  Varnae, the first vampire, later survives the Great Cataclysm and eventually passes his legacy on to Dracula.  
  • King Kull rules the Atlantean sphere (Valusia)  and largely exterminates the Serpent Men (Creatures on the Loose 10, Kull the Conq. 2).  He meets and defeats the ancient sorcerer Thulsa Doom (Monsters on the Prowl 16, Kull 3).
  • Spider-Man, aided by Dr. Strange, visits from 1981 and meets King Kull (M. Team-Up 112).
  • 20,000 BC: 500 years after Kull, the people of Atlantis (in the N. Atlantic) rise after 3000 years to become a great empire on Earth, while the Celestial-created Deviants conquer the remainder.
  • Atlanteans discover the Savage Land in the Antarctic and the technology abandoned by the alien Nuwali (who had been conducting experiments on Earth on behalf of the other-dimensional Beyonders). They establish the amusement park Pangealand.  They also conduct genetic experiments and create various kinds of animal-men races.  The animal men become intelligent and rebel, so the Atlanteans create Pangea for them to live in (Ka-Zar the Savage 31, 34).  Eventually it is abandoned, but the environmental machinery is preserved by robots (Ka-Zar the Savage 8).
  • Undersea Lemurian wizards, allied with a few surviving Serpent Men, create the Serpent Crown, and their chief alchemist Atra begins planning world conquest (MTU Ann 5).
  •  Deviants attack Atlantis and enlist the Pacific-based Lemurians as soldiers.  Atlantean King Kamuu (and Queen Zartra) unleashes magma to repel the Deviants (Sub-Mariner 62, 63).  The Deviants also attack a Celestial ship, which retaliates with a massive energy weapon.  These two events create "The Great Cataclysm".  Atlantis and Lemuria both sink (S-M 63, Marvel Team Up Ann 5, Eternals 2).  This visit by the Celestials is the arrival of the Second Host (Eternals 7, Thor Annual 7).
  • When the Great Cataclysm destroys Lemurian King Atra's empire it also buries the Serpent Crown (MTU Ann 5).
  • 15,000 BC: Underwater Atlantis is resettled by water-breathing "Atlanteans" (homo-mermanus) led by another named Kamuu and later King Tha-Korr (S-M 64-66, 25).
  • 12,000 BC: Age of Conan, Red Sonja and the Hyperboreans. (S-M 62).  Conan kills the last original Serpent Men (MTU Ann 5).
  • 10,000 BC (approx.): The alien Caretakers crash land on Earth and begin efforts to advance humanity's genetic potential (eventually leading to werewolves, Merlin and the Cat People) (Fear 21). 
  • 10,000 - 3,000 BC: Birth of human civilization, indicated by farming and animal domestication..
  • The (first?) mutant, Apocalypse, is born.  He spends time as a slave to the time-traveling Rama-Tut. (X-Force 37).
  • 3000 BC: In Egypt, the Fantastic Four arrive from the future and battle Rama-Tut (FF 19), who is actually a descendant of Reed's father Nathaniel in another dimension and who has time traveled from 3000 AD (FF 273). Dr Strange travels here from 1982 to assist (Dr Strange 52).
  • After spending time in the 41st Century, Kang tires of conquest and returns here to rule ancient Egypt as Rama-Tut again.  He decides to stop his Kang-identity from failing during the coming of the Celestial Madonna and so puts himself into suspended animation until 1974 (GS Avengers 2).  (Later he travels to timeless Limbo, creates a castle and takes on the guise of Immortus.  Under the guidance of 3 mysterious figures he studies the intricacies of time and travels through the timestream correcting time incursions created by his previous incarnations(Thor 282)).
  • A previous incarnation of Asgard is destroyed when Ragnarok occurs (light from the burning of Asgard is occasionally mistaken for the Star of Bethlehem in historical accounts (Thor 293)).  The survivors are transformed into a reborn Odin, and the previous Thor's hammer becomes a form of Rhinegold on Earth.  Odin uses the Odinforce to create the modern Asgardian reality and establishes the Asgardian "myths" regarding their ancestors Buri and Bor, as well as the first humans, Aske and Embla.  Thor is born from Odin and the Earth Elder Gaea (Thor 294, as told by Odin's Eye, possibly apocryphal).
  • Hercules and Thor meet for the first time (JiM Annual 1).
  • Odin's son Thor is killed in two separate "mortal" incarnations as Siegmund and Siegfried, both resulting from Odin's own character failings.  Brunhilde/Valkyrie is slain as well.  Odin uses the Odinforce to resurrect Thor (now an Asgardian god once more) and Valkyrie with their memories wiped.  Odin, consumed with guilt, resolves to die on Yggdrasill the World Tree, until Gaea informs him of the coming judgement of the Celestials, after which he resolves to live on to fight them (Thor 294-300).
  • Thor and Hercules provoke a battle between Asgard and Olympus. Odin and Zeus discuss a future meeting to deal with the Celestials (Thor Annual 5, Thor 300).
  • 1184 BC: Thor and Loki influence events surrounding the Trojan War (Thor Annual 8).
  • 200 BC: Atlantean Emperor Thakorr leads the undersea Atlanteans from their original N. Atlantic site to waters off the Antarctic coast.  This new location is connected to the prehistoric Savage Land by an undersea tunnel (Tales to Astonish 95).
  • A 2nd undersea-based Lemurian race, an off-shoot of the Atlanteans, rediscovers the Serpent Crown of Set and it changes their ruler Naga into a hybrid Serpent Man (MTU Ann 5).  It is stolen from him by rebels who begin their own antarctic civilization, until a natural disaster buries them, as well as the Serpent Crown (now disguised as the Helmet of Power) (Sub-Mariner 9, 10).  

AD/CE: to 1000:
  • In England, the first Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia) fights alongside King Arthur.   Iron Man and Dr. Doom are propelled here from the future, but work together to return (Iron Man 149-150).
  • Morgan le Fay and her Darkhold cult attempt to bring the elder god Chthon back to Earth, but cannot control him.  They imprison him in the future Wundagore Mountain.  One of Morgan's disciples, Magnus, hides the Darkhold in a tower, where it will eventually be discovered by Modred the Mystic (Avengers 187, Marvel Chillers 1).
  • 600: Brunhilde (and the other Valkyrie) begins serving Odin and Asgard by taking worthy humans to Valhalla.
  • 1000:  Odin and the other Sky-Father gods (Zeus, etc..) meet to discuss the coming of the Celestials and decide to hold their ground (Thor 300). Thor meets the Polar Eternals (Thor Annual 7). The Third Host of the Celestials arrives.  They are worshiped by the Incans in South America (Eternals 7).  Odin, Zeus and Vishnu, representing the Sky-Fathers try to threaten the Celestial Arishem but Arishem humbles them. The Celestials force the Asgardian gods to stop interfering with human affairs.  The Sky-Fathers develop a plan to create the Destroyer to fight the Celestials when they return.  Odin also transmutes the Rhinegold into the Odinsword as a weapon against the Celestials (Thor 300).
  • While the Sky-Fathers develop their plan to destroy the Celestials, the Earth-Mothers begin a plan to cultivate human-borne "Young Gods" who will be offered to the Celestials in exchange for sparing the Earth.  The wives of each Earth-Mothers' realm take turns guarding the Young Gods for the Celestials' return (Thor 301).
  • The Undying Ones, feeling their demonic powers beginning to wane, return to their home dimension (Sub-Mariner 22).

  • The sorceror Belasco attempts to open a gate to allow other-dimensional demons to invade Earth, but Dante Alighieri stops him, and Belasco is frozen for hundreds of years (Ka-Zar the Savage 11).
  • A group of winged Inhumans establish their own sky-city apart from the non-winged Inhumans.  Eventually they break off entirely, establishing the Aerie and becoming known as the Bird People (Thor Annual 12).
  • The alchemist Ebrok creates a new race, the Cat People, but inadvertently also causes a plague called the Black Death (What If 35).
  • An insectoid mutant in the Negative Zone discovers a crashed alien ship and with its technology becomes the conqueror Annihilus (FF 140).
  • 1400: The Ancient One is born.  Later, as a young man, he studies sorcery with his then-friend Kaluu in the Tibetan city of Kamar-Taj.  Kaluu betrays the Ancient One, but is defeated and driven away.  (Strange Tales 148).  Some time later the Ancient One journeys to the Temple of Cyttorak and seals the guardian Xorak in the Ruby of Cyttorak. (X-Men 33).   The Ancient One eventually becomes the Earth's protector, the Sorceror Supreme. 
  • 1459: Dracula, Prince of Transylvania, is turned into a vampire by the vampire gypsy Lianda. After killing the slayer of his wife Maria, he kills the vampire lord Nimrod (Dracula Lives 2, 3).  Later he drinks the blood of Varnae, the first vampire (Bizarre Adventures 33).  Dracula's daughter, Lilith, by a previous marriage is also turned (GS Chillers 1, Tomb of Dracula Magazine 5).
  • 1460: A traveler, lost in the antarctic Savage Land, drinks an elixir from the temple of Garokk the Sun God, thereby gaining immortality, but slowly becoming "petrified" (Astonishing Tales 3).
  • 1588: An evil ninja cult, the Hand, is formed in Japan.
  • 1606: Dracula and Countess Elizabeth Bathory compete for victims (Dracula Lives 4).  Dracula's life is spared by the adventurer Solomon Kane (Dracula Lives 3). In 1785 at the court of Marie Antoinette, Dracula battles the sorcerer Cagliostro for the first (but not last) time (Dracula Lives 5).
  • 1692: Spider-Man, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, Moondragon, and Dr. Doom are drawn back from 1976 to 1692 to battle Cotton Mather and the Dark Rider (Marvel Team-Up 41-44).
  • Dormammu and his sister Umar, exiled from the Faltine dimension, visit and ally with the wizard-king Olnar in the Dark Dimension.  Together they annex (conquer) other dimensions into the Dark Dimension, until they encounter the dimension of the uncontrollable Mindless Ones.  Olnar is killed and tho Dormammu and Umar are blamed by the other wizards, Dormammu becomes the new ruler of the Dark Dimension and with Umar, create a mystic barrier against the Mindless Ones (Dr. Strange V2.71).  Olnar’s son Orini becomes Dormammu’s disciple.  Later, Dormammu banishes Umar in order to consolidate his power.  But before that, Orini and Umar share a night of passion and 6 cycles later Clea is born (Dr. Strange V2.9).
  • 1770s: When the world of Galador is threatened by the shape-changing Dire Wraiths (offshoot of the Skrulls), the Galadorians create cyborg Spaceknights to defend their planet and hunt down the aggressors across the universe (ROM 1, 48). 
  • 1775: Dr. Strange travels back from 1976 to this time to meet Benjamin Franklin (Dr. Strange 17-19).
  • 1873: Thor, Hawkeye and Moondragon pursue Kang here from the future (1975) and meet Kid Colt, Rawhide Kid, Two-Gun Kid and the Phantom Rider.
  • 1890: The Frankenstein Monster clashes with Dracula (Monster of Frankenstein 7-9).
  • Late 19th C: The mutant Logan/Wolverine is born (Wolverine: Origin 1-6).


  1. Hope you see this! Do you have a reference the date of 500,000 BC? It fits really well into Fantastic Four mythology, so I'm keen to see where you got it. Thanks! (I run the FF fan site, "The Fantastic Four is the Great American Novel" and I'm currently looking at their pre-history)

  2. Hi Chris - yes I have your site in my FF bookmarks! Sorry, I can't remember where I got 500,000 from, whether from Wikipedia or the JiM/Thor issues cited. This was years ago... The only other place that number might've come from is the FF prehistory webpage by Robert Wicks (link in the sidebar)

  3. PS thanks for your amazing site. It's surprisingly hard to find some of this information elsewhere. Your site is a service to humanity. :)

  4. Thanks! I'm having a tough time getting through the 80's tho...too much fluff :)

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