"Jane who?"
Secrets and Lies:

The Kree Return
The End of Jane Foster

Captain Marvel
The Kree Sentry

The Supreme Intelligence
Ronan the Accuser
Baron Strucker's HYDRA
Blastaar, the Living Bomb-Burst
Lady Sif      MODOK
The Abomination
The Psycho-Man
The Kingpin of Crime
"Mike" Murdock
The Shocker
  • Black Bolt frees the Inhumans from Maximus’ Negative Zone barrier with the power of his voice. 
  • The Fantastic Four battle Blastaar (exiled from his own race) when the Negative Zone portal in the Baxter Building is accidentally left open during an attack by the Sandman
  • The FF first encounter and defeat a robotic Kree Sentry (459).  The Kree Supreme Intelligence responds by sending Ronan the Accuser, whom the FF narrowly defeat.   
  • Alicia Masters and the FF discover Him (later renamed Adam Warlock), a being created by the mysterious Beehive scientists.
  • The Torch, Thing, Inhumans and Black Panther repel the Psycho-Man, an emotion-controlling criminal from Sub-Atomica.
Fantastic Four 59


64, 65


Ann 5
  • The Hulk meets the Russian spy Emil Blonsky, who uses a gamma device to become the Abomination, and almost kills the Hulk.
  • The Hulk fights the Silver Surfer.
  • When his "New-Men" rebel, the High Evolutionary kidnaps the Hulk to Counter-Earth.
Tales to Astonish 90, 91

92, 93

  • Jane Foster fails to prove herself worthy as an Asgardian immortal.  Her relationship with Thor ends when Odin erases her memory.  Thor reunites with Lady Sif.
  • Thor faces Ulik, the most dangerous of the subterranean rock trolls. The trolls attempt to invade Asgard with the help of the alien (Celestial-like?) Orikal.
  • While Odin battles one of the Enchanters Three on Asgard, Thor, Sif & Balder defeat the other two on Earth.
Thor 136


  • Captain America and SHIELD Agent 13 face the rebel psychic cyborg MODOK, created by AIM.
  • SHIELD agent Jasper Sitwell joins Stark as liaison and special operative.
Tales of Suspense (93), 94

  • The Avengers add Hercules to their roster.
  • The Avengers fight the Soviet Red Guardian, the Black Widow’s previously-thought dead husband, but he is killed in an act of sacrifice. 
  • The Avengers past and present battle the Mandarin.
  • While battling Magneto, the Avengers meet Dane Whitman, the 3rd Black Knight, this time a hero.
Avengers 38, 45

43, 44

Ann 1

47, 48
  • The mutants face Factor Three & Banshee, a former Irish Interpol agent who has super-vocal powers.
  • The X-Men are aided by Dr. Strange when the Juggernaut is restored by Factor Three. (Scott Summers and Jean Grey begin a romantic relationship.)
  • The X-Men end the "Subterranean War" by causing Tyrannus and the Mole Man to lose their memories.
  • The Mutant Master (actually an alien from Sirius) and Factor Three are defeated by the combined efforts of the X-Men and some of their older foes.  (Shortly afterwards the mutant shape-shifter, the Changeling, secretly begins posing as Professor Xavier.)

Uncanny X-Men 28

32, 33 (138)


  • When Spider-Man lets slip that Daredevil is Matt Murdock, Matt pretends that it's actually his "twin brother", Mike Murdock, that is the man without fear.
Daredevil 25

  • Spider-Man meets the Shocker.  He also moves in with Harry Osborn. 
  • Peter decides to quit being a hero, but changes his mind just in time to battle the newly arrived Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime.
Amazing Spider-Man 46


  • Dr. Strange fights Baron Mordo and Nebulos to spare Earth from destruction by the Living Tribunal.
  • Strange and Victoria Bentley encounter Yandroth, the ruthless Scientist Supreme of another dimension.
Strange Tales 159-163

  • Nick Fury learns that the new leader of HYDRA is his old WW II nemesis, Baron Strucker, who develops the Overkill Horn and the Death-Spore. However even Strucker's Satan Claw cannot stop Fury from destroying HYDRA Island, virtually all on his own.
  • Fury meets SHIELD agent Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine, and then FBI agent Jimmy Woo.
  • The Yellow Claw attacks NYC, but is later revealed to be a robot, manipulated by Doctor Doom.
  • Fury's team is joined by the ebullient Clay Quartermain.
Strange Tales 156 (150-158)

159, 160


  • The Sub-Mariner's old enemy from the 40s, Prince Byrrah, resurfaces and contests Namor for his throne.
  • Namor visits the original site of Atlantis on his way to fight the Plunderer in the adjacent Savage Land.
Tales to Astonish 90, 91

95 - 97
  • Captain Marvel ("Mar-vell") of the Kree arrives on Earth to investigate the destruction of Sentry 459 and the defeat of Ronan the Accuser.  His mission is also to decide whether Earth should survive or face obliteration.
Marvel Superheroes 12

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