When Worlds Collide:

The Celestial Fourth Host
An Impossible Man in the City
Web-Slinger vs Kryptonian
Citizen Duck

The Phoenix
Ikaris     Sersi
Captain Britain
Rocket Raccoon
The Shroud
Deacon Frost
Legion of Monsters
Black Tom Cassidy
Jigsaw    The Human Fly
Ruby Thursday
Beverly Switzler
Omega the Unknown
The Texas Twister

  • The Fantastic Four's Thing becomes human after prolonged exposure to the Hulk's gamma radiation.  Luke Cage, Power-Man, is hired as a replacement until Reed creates a Thing "exo-skeleton".
  • A cannister of vibranium is accidentally sent back to 1942 so the FF travel back in time to retrieve it.  The FF meet the Invaders.  Ben Grimm later meets the Liberty Legion.
  • Ben Grimm helps Skull the Slayer return to modern day Earth.
  • The FF help the High Evolutionary save Counter-Earth from Galactus. Galactus reverts Ben back into the Thing.
  • The Impossible Man explores NY and ends up at the Marvel Bullpen.
  • Reed Richards loses his stretching powers just as the Frightful Four attack.  Despite the arrival of Thundra, Tigra, and the Texas Twister (present actually to seek Frightful Four membership) they defeat the Fantastic Four with help of Counter-Earth’s Reed Richards, the Brute.  In the Negative Zone, Reed allies with Annihilus against the Mad Thinker’s mutated renegade android.
Fantastic Four (166),167-170

FF Annual 11, Marvel Two-In-One Annual 1, MTIO 20


FF 171-175


177-179, 181-183

  • Doctor Doom manipulates the Sub-Mariner, but is later defeated by the Shroud. Henry Kissinger brokers a non-aggression pact between the U.S. and Latveria.
Super Villain Team-Up 5-7
  • The Hulk is reunited with his lost love, Jarella, but she is killed during an attack by Crypto-Man.
  • Xemnu the Titan pits clones of extraterrestrial monsters Groot, Blip, Diablo, Goom and Taboo against the Hulk.
Incredible Hulk 202-205

Annual 5 
  • The Eternal Ikaris activates the beacon to signal the Celestials to return to Earth.  Arishem and the Fourth Host land and begin judging the Earth.
  • In NY, Ikaris reunites with Sersi, while the Deviants attack the city.  Zuras sends Thena and Makarri to fight the Deviants.
Eternals 1, 2


  • The Wasp and Yellowjacket rejoin the Avengers.  Simon Williams (Wonder Man) comes out of his state of suspended animation. 
Avengers 150, 151, (152)
  • The mutant Lorna Dane takes the name Polaris. Xavier begins having nightmares about warring alien forces, later to be revealed as the Shi-ar.
  • The X-Men fight Stephen Lang's X-Sentinels. Jean Grey is exposed to lethal cosmic radiation while piloting a space shuttle. The Phoenix appears over the crash site.
  • The new team are attacked by Juggernaut and his new partner, Black Tom Cassidy, Banshee's cousin.
Uncanny X-Men 97



  • Spider-Man, Nightcrawler and the Punisher battle Jigsaw, whose face was previously destroyed by the Punisher. J. Jonah Jameson meets future wife and roboticist Marla Madison.
  • J. Jonah Jameson asks the brother of the creator of the Scorpion to create another foe for Spider-Man, the Human Fly
  • Spider-Man, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, Moondragon, and Dr. Doom battle Cotton Mather and the Dark Rider in 1692. 
  • While traveling through time Spider-Man encounters Killraven and Deathlok (1st meeting with 20th C. modern heroes).
  • Spider-Man meets the Kryptonian alien Superman for the first time when they are attacked by Doctor Octopus and criminal scientist Lex Luthor.
Amazing Spider-Man 162

ASM Annual 10 

Marvel Team-Up 41-44

45, 46

Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man 1
  • Daredevil battles Bullseye for the first time, and is initially defeated.
  • Daredevil battles Mind-Wave with the aid of the psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller.
Daredevil 131, 132


  • The Punisher tracks down and terminates the killers of his family. 
  • The Black Panther fights the violent racism of the Klan in Georgia.  
  • In New York City, Moon Knight, Frenchie, and Marlene ("Fontaine") Alraune face the Conquer-Lord.

Marvel Super Action 1
Jungle Action 19-24/Marvel Premiere 51-53

Marvel Spotlight 28, 29
  • Nick Fury finally obtains the youth-prolonging Infinity Formula and ends decades of blackmail.
  • SHIELD agent Bobbi Morse takes the codename Huntress to investigate corruption within SHIELD but is mistakenly branded a traitor by Nick Fury.

Marvel Spotlight 31

Marvel Super Action 1

  • A new Red Guardian surfaces and aids the Defenders as they deal with Nebulon and the Headmen (now joined by Ruby Thursday). Nebulon creates a cult of "Bozos". Nighthawk is temporarily separated from his brain.  Power Man joins the team, while Valkyrie spends time in a women's prison. 
  • A Soviet super-team made up of a new Crimson Dynamo, the Titanium Man, the Griffin and the mutant Darkstar attack the Champions during their inauguration ceremony and try to take the Black Widow back to Russia.
Defenders 31-40, Annual 1

Champions 7-10

  • Eternity destroys the Earth for its faults but the Ancient One and Dr. Strange convinces him to recreate it exactly as it was (this event possibly an illusion created by the Ancient One).
  • Dr. Strange seeks vengeance against Dracula for attacking Wong, but is nearly made into a vampire himself.
  • Dr. Strange and Clea travel back in time to meet Francis Bacon and Benjamin Franklin.
Dr. Strange 12, 13, (20) 

Tomb of Dracula 44, Dr. Strange 14

  • Howard the Duck takes up residence in Cleveland with Beverly Switzler.  He also meets Spider-Man.
  • Howard runs for President as the All-Night Party's candidateDue to some erroneous directions from Mary Jane Watson, Howard and Beverly run into the Defenders.
Howard the Duck 1

(7), Marvel Treasury Ed. 12, HtD 8, (9)
  • The enigmatic Omega the Unknown surfaces and protects precocious 12-year old James-Michael Starling.
  • Omega is killed but not before passing on dangerous powers to Starling.  When Starling begins to lose control of his powers, he destroys himself to save the world.
  • The Legion of Monsters is (briefly) formed (Ghost Rider, the Man-Thing, Morbius, and the Werewolf). 
  • Woodgod, a half man-half animal artificial life-form is created. 
  • When Black Bolt inadvertently destroys the Great Refuge during a revolt by Maximus, the Inhumans leave Earth in search of a new home.
Omega the Unknown 1

10, Defenders 76, 77

Marvel Premiere 28


Inhumans 6-10

  • Rhomann Dey, last member of the Xandarian Nova Corp, gives H.S. student Richard Rider his superpowers and starship, making him Nova, the Human Rocket.
  • The mother of Peter Quill (later Star-Lord) is killed by aliens. Quill studies to become an astronaut.  
  • Millenia in the future, Prince Wayfinder meets Rocket Raccoon on Witch World (date unknown, recording published in 1976).
Nova 1

Marvel Preview 4


  • The Supreme Intelligence betrays Captain Marvel when he tries to make Mar-Vell a mindless slave in order to destroy Earth.  Rick Jones overloads the Intelligence when he fires planet-destroying missiles against Hala.
Captain Marvel 46
  • Daimon Hellstrom is barred from Hell when his satanic father closes the Earth gateways.   
  • Satana battles sorcerers of the N'Garai who attempt to trap her in an human identity.
Son of Satan 3

Marvel Preview 7
  • Dracula takes control of Anton Lupeski's Satanic cult for his own purposes and marries Domini
  • The Silver Surfer is manipulated into attacking Dracula.
  • Blade and Hannibal King work together to track down their mutual foe, the vampire Deacon Frost
Tomb of Dracula 45, 46 


(44), 45-53
  • In Hong Kong, Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, encounters Shen Kuei, the Cat.
  • Shang-Chi barely survives a battle with the electrically-enhanced assassin Shockwave
  • Clive Reston and Shang-Chi stop Fu Manchu and Shaka Kharn from destroying the Earth's moon.
Master of Kung-Fu 38, 39 

40, 42, 43


  • In Darkmoor at the Siege Perilous, physicist Brian Braddock is confronted by Merlyn and Roma to become a champion.  He chooses the Amulet of Right and becomes Captain Britain.
Captain Britain (Weekly) 1, 2

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