The End of the Vampire
Four Weddings 
A New Iron Man

The Hobgoblin
Beta Ray Bill
(Jack Monroe)
Obadiah Stane
Lockheed the Dragon
Madelyn Pryor
The Morlocks
Ms. Modok 
  • When the Fantastic Four return from exploring the Negative Zone, their costumes change colors.
  • Susan finds out that she is pregnant.  The Skrull homeworld is consumed by Galactus.   
  • The remaining Skrulls put Reed Richards on trial for saving Galactus’ life the year before.  Eternity appears and exonerates Reed by establishing that Galactus is a necessary force in the universe.
Fantastic Four (251-)256


261, 262
  • Mephisto briefly separates Johnny Blaze and the demon Zarathos (Ghost Rider's dual personas). 
  • Zarathos regains memories of his past history from before bonding with Blaze.
  • Johnny Blaze is reunited with Roxanne Simpson and freed from becoming the Ghost Rider when Zarathos abandons his body to fight his ancient enemy Centurious in the Soul Crystal.
Ghost Rider 76


(74)80, 81
  • Thor and the Lady Sif liberate Jane Foster from the elder god Kamo Tharnn, after which she marries Dr. Keith Kinkaid.
  • Thor encounters Beta Ray Bill, protector of the hibernating Korbinites.  Bill gains Thor’s power when he proves worthy of lifting Mjolnir.  Meanwhile, Loki makes  the Enchantresses' sister Lorelei an ally.
Thor 334-336

  • Jack Monroe, the ‘50s Bucky, becomes the new Nomad - and Captain America’s new partner.
  • Captain America helps Deathlok regain his sanity and return to the future.
  • AIM reactivates the Cosmic Cube and it begins transforming into a sentient life-form.  The Shaper of Worlds, reveals itself to be an evolved Skrull Cosmic Cube, and takes guardianship of the "young" Cube.
Captain America 281-283

286 -288

Annual 7
  • Jim Rhodes becomes Iron Man when Tony Stark is driven back into alcoholism by Obadiah Stane and Indries Moomji.
  • Stark International becomes Stane International. 
  • When Rhodes helps free the Eternals from the Deviants, Thena decides the Eternals must leave Earth.
Iron Man 166-170


Annual 6
  • Scott Summers meets (and soon marries) Madelyne Pryor, who looks exactly like his deceased lover, Jean Grey (Phoenix).
  • The mutant Callisto and her band of mutant Morlocks (living in secret tunnels underneath NYC) fight the X-MenStorm gains leadership of the Morlocks but lets Callisto lead in her absence.  
  • Rogue joins the X-Men when Xavier agrees to help her with her mental problems.  Binary quits and joins the Starjammers.
  • While battling Viper and the Silver Samurai in Japan, Wolverine's wedding to Mariko is aborted, while Storm unexpectedly adopts a "mohawk and leather" appearance. 
Uncanny X-Men
168 (175)

169-170 (171)




  • Magneto reveals that he is the true father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and decides to abandon his schemes against mankind for the sake of his grand-daughter, Luna
  • The new Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) joins the Avengers.
  • Hank Pym is redeemed after being framed by Egghead, who is killed by Hawkeye.  
  • Iron Man (now Jim Rhodes) resigns from the Avengers.  Eros of Titan (Starfox) joins the team.
  • The Vision gets additional powers after being augmented by technology from Titan.
  • Hawkeye marries Mockingbird.
Vision and the Scarlet Witch 4

Avengers 227




Hawkeye 1-4
  • Alpha Flight is disbanded by the Canadian government, but Vindicator (now Guardian) continues the team independently and adds new members Puck and Marrina.
  • Marrina joins Namor the Sub-Mariner in order to search for her origins. 
  • When Xavier's New Mutants battle Viper and the Silver Samurai, Karma mysteriously disappears. 
  • In Nova Roma, the New Mutants encounter the psychic vampire Selene, and befriend the elemental mutant, Magma.
Alpha Flight 1


New Mutants 6 (7)

  • Bruce Banner's new associate Kate Waynesboro is turned into Ms. Modok by AIM in order to help the Hulk fight Modok and the Abomination.
The Incredible Hulk (287-)290
  • When Dracula attempts to acquire the Darkhold, Doctor Strange, Blade and Hannibal King use the Darkhold and the Montesi Formula to eradicate all vampires from the Earth.
Doctor Strange 58-62
  • Baron Karza regains control of Homeworld, and kills Slug, Prince Pharoid and Prince Argon.  The Micronauts escape and search for new allies.  Devil transforms into a new Fireflyte.
Micronauts 49, 50
  • Shang-Chi reunites with his mother only to find out she blames him for Fu Manchu's death.
  • In atonement for killing his own father, Shang-Chi retires to China to live as a fisherman.
Master of Kung Fu 123

  • In order to defend his world Crystallium, Crystar merges with the Prisma-Crystal to become a crystal warrior. 
  • In order to be with ROM, Brandy Clark transfers her consciousness into the body of the fallen Spaceknight Starshine
Crystar 1

ROM 38-40
  • The alien Overmind collective consciousness briefly joins the Defenders.
  • The Son of Satan, Daimon Hellstrom, and Hellcat (Patsy Walker) leave the Defenders in order to start a new life together. 
  • The Defenders encounter the mysterious weather-controlling girl, Cloud, a member of the Secret Empire.
  • The original Defenders (Dr. Strange, the Sub-Mariner, the Silver Surfer and the Hulk) are forced to disband for the sake of Earth's future timeline, while a "New Defenders" team forms around the Beast, Valkyrie, Iceman, Angel, Gargoyle and Moondragon.  Patsy Walker weds Daimon Hellstrom.
Defenders 112-117



124, 125 

  • Morgan le Fay separates Spider-Woman's life-essence from her physical body, leaving it "dead" (temporarily).
Spider-Woman 50
  • Despite Belasco's return, Ka-Zar and Shanna the She- Devil get married.
Ka-Zar the Savage 29
  • Spider-Man encounters the Hobgoblin after someone stumbles onto an old Green Goblin hideout.
Amazing Spider-Man 238, 239
Inside the Mind of an HYDRA Agent
(Shooter/Perlin, Colletta)

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