The New Mutants
The Trial of 
the Watcher
The Clones of Spider-Man

Moon Knight
The Champions
Black Goliath
The N'Garai
The Headmen
Dr. Glitternight
Vance Astrovik
Clive Reston
Leiko Wu
Misty Knight
Moses Magnum
Pip the Troll
The Magus
Dominic Fortune

  • Iron Man attends the 1975 San Diego Comic Con.
Iron Man 72
  • The Fantastic Four discover the self-duplicating mutant Jamie Madrox.
  • Susan Richards rejoins the FF while Medusa rejoins the Inhumans.  Johnny goes back to his "classic" look.
  • Arkon and a multi-dimensional weapons corporation attempt to start a War of Three Worlds: Earth, Earth-A, and Xemu's "5th Dimension" world.
Giant-Size Fantastic Four 4

FF 159


  • The Sub-Mariner allies with Dr. Doom to save Hydrobase from Dr. Dorcas, Tiger Shark and Attuma.  While saving Namor’s life, Betty Dean Prentiss is killed by Dorcas.
Super Villain Team-Up 1-3
  • Loki invades Earth with the armies of Asgard.
  • Lady Sif bonds her spirit with a dying Jane Foster (but Foster is later revealed to have actually been absorbed by the Runestaff).
  • Thor & Odin meets the Egyptian Gods Osiris, Isis, Seth and Horus.
Thor 233, 234

236 (335)

  • When the Red Skull kills a substitute Captain America, Steve Rogers is prompted to retire Nomad and take up his old identity again. The Falcon's personality is revealed to be a fabrication created by the Red Skull using the Cosmic Cube.
Captain America (182),183-186
  • The Beast and Moondragon join the Avengers.
  • Thor, Hawkeye and Moondragon pursue Kang back in time to 1873 and meet Kid Colt, Rawhide Kid, Two-Gun Kid and the Phantom Rider.  The remaining Avengers (with Patsy Walker) face the alternate-universe Squadron Supreme under the command of a Serpent Crown-influenced corporation (Roxxon Corp). 
  • Patsy Walker becomes the Hellcat.
Avengers 137

141-144, 147-149


  • Xavier and Cyclops form a new X-Men team to save the original team who are trapped on Krakoa, a living island.  The new X-Men is made up of Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird, Banshee and Sunfire.  Sunfire quits almost immediately.
  • Thunderbird dies while pursuing Count Nefaria.
  • Geneticist Moira MacTaggert joins Xavier's school staff, just in time for Cyclops to inadvertently release a N’Garai demon.
GS X-Men 1, UXM 94



  • Shang-Chi allies with Clive Reston, the self-proclaimed son of James Bond and grand-nephew of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Fu Manchu's daughter, Fah Lo Suee, surfaces and begins an underground war against Fu Manchu. 
  • After officially joining Nayland Smith's spy organization, Shang-Chi faces Carlton Velcro, Pavane and Razor-Fist.
  • Leiko Wu enters Shang-Chi's life, as they battle Mordillo and the robot Brynocki.
  • Iron Fist meets Misty Knight, Colleen Wing's partner in Knightwing Restorations Ltd.
  • Iron Fist searches for the missing Colleen Wing who is held hostage by the wizard Master Khan
  • Shang-Chi and Iron Fist team up and prevent an invasion of K'un-Lun.
  • In Los Angeles, Luke Cage (now Power Man) meets Bill Foster (now Black Goliath).
GS Master of Kung Fu 3

MOKF 26-28



Marvel Premiere 21

(22) 25, 
Iron Fist 1-7

MOKF Annual 1

Power Man 24, 25

  • Dr. Strange briefly battles the 31st Century cyborg Korvac the Machine Man when the Defenders are embroiled in one of the Grandmaster's contests.
  • The Defenders first encounter the bizarre machinations of the Headmen: Dr. Arthur Nagan (Gorilla-Man), Dr. Jerry Morgan (Shrunken Bones), and Chondu the Mystic.
  • Vance Astrovik and the Guardians of the Galaxy travel back to 1975 and meet the Defenders.  Strange takes them forward into the Guardians' time period (3015) to fight the Badoon, aided by the enigmatic Starhawk.
GS Defenders 3 (Thor Annual 6)

Defenders 21 (Weird Wonder Tales 7)

DF 26-29 (Marvel Presents 9, 10)
  • Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson share their first real kiss.  At the same time Peter begins to catch glimpses of what seems to be a still-living Gwen Stacy.
  • Spider-Man and the Punisher battle Moses Magnum.
  • Peter Parker finds out that the new Gwen Stacy is actually a clone created by the Jackal.  He also battles a clone of himself.
Amazing Spider-Man 143



  • SHIELD, Daredevil and the Black Widow face a HYDRA resurgence led by Silvermane
  • The Black Widow breaks up with DD.  However Matt Murdock soon meets future love interest Heather Glenn.  DD meets the new Torpedo, Brock Jones.
  • In Los Angeles, the Champions (Hercules, the Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Iceman and the Angel) come into being when Pluto arranges some awkward weddings.
Daredevil (120), 121-123

124, 126

Champions 1-3
  • The Werewolf meets the other-dimensional sorcerer, Dr. Glitternight. Lissa Russell turns 18 and also becomes a were-beast.
  • Marc Spector, the Moon Knight is hired by the Committee to capture Jack Russell.  Some years prior, Marc Spector is left to die by Bushman, but is resurrected by the spirit of the Egyptian god Khonshu and nursed back to health by Marlene Alraune.
  • The Man-Thing, Dakimh the Enchanter and comic writer Steve Gerber save the universe from the Netherspawn demon Thog.
Werewolf by Night 27-30

32, 33/
Moon Knight 1

Man-Thing (21), 22
  • Adam Warlock fights his evil future self, the Magus and his Church of Universal Truth.  Soon he also meets Pip the Troll, the assassin Gamora and the Matriarch.  The Soul Gem develops a vampiric appetite.  Thanos intervenes and aids Warlock against the Magus.  Warlock kills his future self in order to escape the In-Betweener.
  • After lashing out at Captain Marvel (partly from jealousy of his selection as Protector of the Universe) I, Uatu the Watcher, underwent a "Trial of the Watcher", after which I pledged to reinforce my efforts at non-interference.
Strange Tales 178-181, Warlock 9-11

Captain Marvel 37-39, (40)

  • In San Francisco, 10,000 year-old monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone surfaces.
  • Satana is banished from Hell for defying her father. Her brother Daimon Hellstrom meets her in LA and together they banish the demon Kthara.
  • In England, Modred the Mystic awakes after an 1100 year sleep, imbued with the power of the Darkhold. Unfortunately his soul has been corrupted by the Other.
  • Tigra and Red Wolf team up against the Rat Pack and the Super Skrull.
  • Howard the Duck lands in Cleveland and battles the vampire heifer, Hellcow.
  • Jim Scully (Skull the Slayer) is transported through the Bermuda Triangle to an Earth dimension populated by savages and dinosaurs.
  • Doctor Sun kills Dracula in Boston, but the Vampire Hunters decide Sun is more dangerous and resurrect the Lord of Vampires.
  • Dominic Fortune, "brigand for hire", surfaces in pre-war America (event 1938, recording published in 1975).
Marvel Presents 1, 2

Haunt of Horror 5, Marvel Spotlight 24

Marvel Chillers 1


GS Man-Thing 4, 5

Skull the Slayer 1

Tomb of Dracula 38-42

Marvel Preview 2
(End of the Vietnam War)

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