Identity Crises:

The Kree Conspiracy Revealed
Return of the Lemurians
The Origin of Galactus
The Falcon
Rick Jones and the Nega-Bands
Guardians of the Galaxy
The Grandmaster
Madame Masque   Adamantium
The Squadron Sinister
The Serpent Crown
Havok       Sauron
The Man-Ape
 Savage Land Mutates
Silvermane     The Prowler

  • Nick Fury sends the Fantastic Four to Latveria to investigate Doctor Doom's new super-robots.  Unfortunately they are made powerless by Doom and held prisoners of Doomstadt.
  • The Thing is captured and sent to a Skrull world modeled after American gangster culture and is forced to fight the robotic alien Torgo.
  • As NASA lands on the Earth's Moon for the first time, the FF land on an island and destroy a Kree triggering device, designed to awaken a lunar menace. 
Fantastic Four 84-87



  • The swamp-buried corpse of criminal Joe Timms is exposed to radioactive waste and becomes the muck-encrusted Glob.  When he captures Betty Ross, the Hulk intervenes.
  • Reed Richards helps the Hulk retain Bruce Banner’s mind to the extent that Bruce plans to wed Betty Ross.  Unfortunately the Leader (allied with the Rhino) strikes and causes the Hulk to revert back to his bestial state.
Incredible Hulk 121



  • Madame Hydra (later Viper) attacks and seemingly kills Captain America.  Rick Jones takes on the role of Bucky.
  • The Red Skull uses the Cosmic Cube to exchange bodies with Captain America.  Rick Jones, disheartened, discards his Bucky identity. Only when MODOK remotely deactivates the Cube is the Skull defeated.
  • Cap meets Sam Wilson and his falcon Redwing, and helps him become the Falcon
Captain America 110-113


117, 118 

  • Iron Man battles the mind-enslaving Controller.
  • Tony encounters the ultra-rich Midas, as well as Madame Masque (a scarred Whitney Frost). He is also menaced by a renegade Tony Stark LMD which attempts to take the place of the original.  Tony Stark's heart condition is finally repaired with synthetics.
Iron Man 12

17, 18, (Avengers 68), IM 19

  • Matt Murdock reveals to Karen Page that he is Daredevil.
Daredevil (56) 57, 58
  • Asmodeus, a worshiper of Satannish, takes Doctor Strange’s bodily form and sends Strange and Clea to another dimension.  In order to return to Earth's domain, Strange dons a new “blue” appearance.
  • Strange recruits the Black Knight to help him fight the other-dimensional Tiboro.  Then, allied with the Avengers, they face the Asgardian elementals Ymir and Surtur.
  • Eternity, weakened from his previous battle with Dormammu, is imprisoned by Nightmare.   Strange manages to draw the Juggernaut from Cyttorak's Crimson Cosmos and in the confusion of battle effects Eternity's release.
Doctor Strange 177

178/Avengers 61

DS 180-182

  • In Wakanda, the Man-Ape attacks the Black Panther in order to usurp his rule. 
  • Hawkeye uses Hank Pym’s size-changing formula and becomes the "new" Goliath, while Hank retains his Yellowjacket costume.  
  • Meanwhile, Egghead, the Mad Thinker and the Puppet Master band together to threaten the Earth with a space-based death ray.  The Sub-Mariner re-encounters Toro, and together they defeat the Thinker, but the  fiery sidekick of the original Torch dies in an explosion.  Captain Marvel and Iron Man dispatch the Puppet Master. In space, the Avengers defeat Egghead, at the cost of Hawkeye's brother's life.
  • Myron MacLain (the creator of Cap’s shield) discovers adamantium, which Ultron uses to make his body indestructible.  Thor and Iron Man rejoin the team. 
  • Kang engages the Grandmaster (an Elder of the Universe) in a "contest of champions" when he pits the Avengers against the Grandmaster's team, the Squadron Sinister (Nighthawk, Hyperion, Doctor Spectrum and the Whizzer).  When the first match is inconclusive, the Avengers are sent back to 1941 to fight the greatest superheroes of WW II: Captain America, the Sub-Mariner and the android Human Torch.  Kang betrays the Avengers and is only defeated by the intervention of the Black Knight, who is promptly recruited to the team.
Avengers 62


Sub-Mariner 14/
Capt.Marvel 14/
AV 64



  • While menaced by the Living Pharaoh/Living Monolith the X-Men discover that Scott Summers' brother Alex is also a mutant (later named Havok).
  • The Sentinels return and begin kidnapping mutants, both good and bad, around the world.  Cyclops convinces them to fly into the Earth's sun to address the source of all mutant life.
  • The X-Men encounter the hypnotic, energy-stealing Sauron, a were-pteradactyl, and pursue him to Tierra del Fuego.
  • Near the Antarctic, the X-Men and Ka-Zar fight Magneto and his artificially-created Savage Land Mutates, among them the siren, Lorelei.
Uncanny X-Men 54-57



(59)60, 61

62, 63

  • Spider-Man encounters Silvermane, ruthless leader of the NY Maggia.
  • Spidey meets Hobie Brown, a would-be super-villain.  Hobie uses his safety-oriented inventions to fight as the Prowler.
Amazing Spider-man 73-75

78, 79

  • Nick Fury is seemingly assassinated at a Country Joe and the Fish Central Park Summerstage concert.  (In actuality a Fury LMD is killed).*
Nick Fury 15 (Avengers 72)
  • Caught in the middle of Captain Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg's rivalry, Una, Mar-Vell's love, is killed.  While mourning his loss, Mar-Vell is found by a being named "Zo" and given new super powers.  In return, Zo asks Mar-Vell to destroy his Kree home world, under a fabrication that a Kree religious structure will magnetically cause interstellar disaster.  Mar-Vell destroys the object and is about to be executed by Ronan the Accuser, when a Super Sentry rescues and brings him to Hala and the Kree Supreme Intelligence.  It is revealed that "Zo" was actually a scheming Kree Prime Minister named Zarek, and Mar-Vell's entire mission to Earth was a plot to create a disgruntled Kree outlaw so that Zarek and Ronan could appear as saviors and usurp power from the Supreme Intelligence.  Mar-Vell proves his loyalty to the Supreme Intelligence by attempting to smother Zarek's Negatron sphere with his body, and the Intelligence rewards him with a new uniform. Unfortunately Mar-Vell's exposure to the bomb causes him to suddenly fall into the Negative Zone.
  • Mar-Vell leads Rick Jones to find a pair of Kree Nega-Bands which, when struck together, enable Mar-Vell and Jones to switch physical places.  The Nega-Bands also bestow new powers to Mar-Vell. 
  • In Mar-Vell's final battle with Yon-Rogg, Carol Danvers is caught in a Psyche-Magnitron explosion.
Captain Marvel 11-16



  • Doctor Doom battles and defeats the alchemist Diablo, but loses the affections of his childhood friend Valeria.
Marvel Super-Heroes 20
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy band together to free Earth from the Brotherhood of the Badoon (event circa 3014, recording published in 1969).
Marvel Super-Heroes 18
  • Galactus attempts to devour Ego, the Living PlanetThor is able to discourage him and Ego allows the Wanderers, survivors of Galactus' previous feedings, to live on his surface.
  • Thor battles Him (later Adam Warlock) and falls under the uncontrollable "Warrior's Madness". 
  • Odin sends Thor on a quest to learn the origin of Galactus (concerned that he might actually be a Celestial).
Thor 160-161

165, 166

(162) 168, 169
  • Namor brings the Helmet of Power to Atlantis, where it reveals itself to be the mind-corrupting Serpent Crown.  He then meets Karthon, a Lemurian subject of Naga, the original owner of the Serpent Crown.  Namor and Karthon slay the maddened King Naga and liberate Lemuria from the influence of the Serpent Crown.
  • Namor meets Stingray, marine scientist and sometimes ally, Walter Newell.
Sub-Mariner 9-13

*Death at Altamont rock concert signals end of 60's youth movement.
(Richard M. Nixon takes office of President of the U.S.)


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