Death and Regenerations:
The Death of Captain Marvel
A Cosmic Contest

The New Mutants
Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Karma, Psyche
Cloak & Dagger
Belasco          Yukio
Nova (Frankie Raye)
Captain Marvel 
(Monica Rambeau)
Luna Maximoff
Kristoff Doom
Vermin      The Brood
Rev. William Stryker
Obadiah Stane
Black Spectre
Huntarr    Champion
Team America
Lockheed the Dragon
The New Teen Titans

  • The Human Torch’s girlfriend Frankie Raye turns out to be the daughter of Phineas Horton, the creator of the 1940s Human Torch, and have the same flame powers.
  • The Inhumans relocate Attilan from the Himalayas to the Moon.  Luna is born to Quicksilver and Crystal.
  • Terrax rebels against Galactus, who is then defeated by the Fantastic Four, the Avengers and Dr. Strange.  Reed saves Galactus’ life, as Frankie Raye volunteers to be Galactus’ new herald, Nova.
  • Dr. Doom regains the throne of Latveria from Zorba, and befriends the orphan boy Kristoff
  • The Sandman quits crime and has a beer with Ben Grimm.  The Impossible Man and his mate have children.
  • Machine Man becomes attached to Jocasta when they aid Ben Grimm against Ultron.
  • The Thing stands as Earth's greatest fighter against the Champion, an Elder of the Universe obsessed with 1-on-1 boxing.
Fantastic Four 238




Marvel Two-in-One 86

92, 93

MTIO Annual 7

  • Ka-Zar and Shanna O'Hara explore the original Dante's Inferno and encounter the 700-year old sorcerer Belasco.
  • Spider-Man and the X-Men battle the Savage Land Mutates (including Vertigo). 
Ka-Zar the Savage 10-12

Marvel Fanfare 1
  • The X-Men and the Starjammers encounter the Brood who, with Deathbird, attempt to usurp Lilandra’s rule of the Shi-ar Empire.
  • Storm is bitten by Dracula and falls under his influence. Lilith manipulates the X-Men and Rachel van Helsing into seemingly destroying Dracula.  Rachel has Wolverine kill her when she becomes a vampire. 
  • While fighting Belasco, Colossus' sister Illyana is stuck in limbo for 7 years, but returns only moments after her departure.
  • Brood experiments on her DNA turn Carol Danvers into the energy-controlling Binary
  •  The X-Men and Magneto join forces to battle the anti-mutant evangelist Rev. William Stryker.
  • The X-Men and the (New) Teen Titans battle Darkseid and an avatar of Dark Phoenix created by the Source.
  • Professor Xavier (believing the X-Men dead due to their capture by the Brood) begins training a group of “New Mutants” comprised of Cannonball, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Karma, and Psyche.
  • Kitty Pryde befriends Lockheed, a small alien dragon, while battling the Brood. 
  • Wolverine and the ninja Yukio battle the Hand in Japan, after which Wolverine becomes (briefly) engaged to Mariko Yashida.
Uncanny X-Men (154)155-157

159, Annual 6

160 (Magik 1-4)

163, 164 

MGN 5: God Loves, Man Kills

Marvel & DC Present: Uncanny X-Men & the New Teen Titans

MGN 4: The New Mutants

UXM 166 

Wolverine 1-4

  • Spider-Man and the Black Cat date for a short time.
  • Spider-Man defeats the Juggernaut.
  • Spider-Man meets Cloak & Dagger, two teenage runaway vigilantes who gained superpowers from criminal drug experiments
  • With Professor Xavier's help, Spider-Man defeats the right-wing extremist villain Professor Power.
  • Spider-Man encounters a now-aged Dominic Fortune at Aunt May's rest home.
Amazing Spider-Man 226, 227

229, 230 (Cloak & Dagger 4)

Spectacular Spider-Man 64

Marvel Team Up 118

  • Bullseye kills Elektra for taking his place as the Kingpin’s assassin. In return, Daredevil paralyzes him.
  • Daredevil meets the Punisher for the first time.  
  • While Daredevil's senses are crippled from an explosion, the Black Widow returns.  During an attack by the Hand Stick dies, but Elektra is somehow resurrected by Daredevil and one of Stick's followers.
Daredevil 181


  • Iron Man faces Obadiah Stane's Chessmen.  Tony Stark begins a romance with the mysterious Indries Moomji.
Iron Man 163-165
  • The Krylorian filmmaker, Bereet, decides to make a documentary on the Hulk.
  • The Hulk encounters Rocket Raccoon, now a guardian of the Keystone Quadrant.
  • After an overdose of Gamma radiation, Bruce Banner retains his consciousness while as the Hulk.
  • The Hulk is given amnesty for his crimes by the President.
Incredible Hulk 269



  • Captain America teams with the men who replaced him while frozen (Spirit of '76, the Patriot, '50s Cap) to free an alternate Earth.
  • At a bike show, Cap encounters the mutant group Team America.
  • Captain America encounters Vermin.  The Falcon decides to run for Congress (Snap Wilson returns)
Captain America Annual 6

Captain America 269 (Team America 1)

272 (276-278)
  • When Loki and Tyr organize a rebellion in Asgard and steal the Apples of Idunn, Odin and the other gods are forced to flee to Earth.  The Apples are liberated after Thor defeats the Midgard Serpent.
Thor 324-327
  • The Grandmaster and Death play a Contest of Champions for the life of the Grandmasters fellow elder, the Collector.  New heroes, including the Collective Man, Le Peregrine, Shamrock, and Blitzkrieg participate.
Contest of Champions 1-3
  • Captain Mar-vell dies of cancer caused by radiation exposure during a prior battle with Nitro.
MGN 1: The Death of Captain Marvel
  • Nighthawk sacrifices his life while preventing a secret right-wing cabal from killing all of Russia.
  • Nebulon dies in battle with the Avengers and the Defenders.
Defenders 106

Avengers Ann 11
  • Dr. Strange travels to Egypt in the ancient past and aids the Fantastic Four against Rama-TutClea decides to leave Dr. Strange and returns to the Dark Dimension.
Dr Strange 53
  • Tigra defeats the Molecule Man by convincing him to seek therapy, but decides to leave the Avengers.
  • Moondragon kills her father, Drax the Destroyer.
  • The She-Hulk joins the Avengers (and Hawkeye returns).
  • Tony Stark flirts with the Wasp while Hank Pym is in prison. 
  • The Black Knight returns to the present after saving Avalon from alien gods the Fomor.
Avengers 215, 216

219, 220



225, 226

  • Monica Rambeau gets energy-powers after being caught in an exploding inter-dimensional gateway and takes the name Captain Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16
  • Moon Knight stops Black Spectre from becoming mayor.
  • Shang-Chi prevents the Russian assassin Ghost Maker from killing the Queen of England. 
  • Shang-Chi returns to China to face his father Fu Manchu one last time.  He fights a clone copy of himself.
Moon Knight 25

Master of Kung Fu 110, 111 

  • A power-mad Prince Argon sends Huntarr, an artificially created living weapon (and future ally), after the Micronauts.
  • Microtron and Nanotron sacrifice their consciousness so that Biotron can live again in a new spaceship-sized body.
Micronauts 37

47, 48
  • When Galactus attempts to consume Galador, ROM sends him to the Dark Wraiths' home, the Dark Nebula, which he finds unappetizing.
  • Hercules attempts to get Galactus drunk in order to prevent him from consuming a planet.
ROM 26, 27

Hercules 4
(Stern/Lee, Rogers & Austin/Kirby)

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