Dangerous Visions:

Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy

The Vision
The Badoon
The Wrecker       Mangog
Franklin Richards
Destiny     Tiger Shark
Whitney Frost    Whiplash
Lorna Dane    Carol Danvers
Doctor Faustus       Scorpio
The Grim Reaper

  • Captain Marvel battles a reactivated Kree Sentry 459 and meets Cape Security Chief Carol Danvers. 
  • The Skrulls note the Kree's activity on Earth and send the Super-Skrull to investigate.
Marvel Super-Heroes 13, Captain Marvel 1

2, 3
  • Loki’s ally, the Norn Queen Karnilla, mistakenly gives enchanted powers to the criminal Wrecker instead of Loki. Thor, de-powered by Odin, is almost killed in battle and is visited by Hela, Goddess of Death.  Sif enters the Destroyer and defeats the Wrecker, but unfortunately cannot help but attack Thor next.  Meanwhile, the rock troll Ulik returns to overthrow Queen Karnilla, who is saved only by Thor's eventual return.
  • Thor and the Asgardians battle Mangog, an alien being with the power of billions of souls and filled with hatred for Odin and all life.
  • Odin finally tells Thor of Donald Blake's true origins.
Thor 148-152



  • The Fantastic Four escape the Mad Thinker's super android when it is sucked into the Negative Zone.  
  • Doctor Doom switches his mind with Daredevil's and plans to attack the FF.  Daredevil defeats Doom with his wits, but then Doom deceives the FF into attacking Daredevil.  Spider-Man and Thor become embroiled in the fray as well.
  • In order to obtain a special element to save Susan's unborn child, Reed, Ben and Johnny venture into the Negative Zone and encounter the despotic Annihilus. They extract the needed cosmic energy from Annihilus’ Cosmic Control Rod and return.  Sue gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Franklin.
  • While Sue takes care of Franklin, Crystal of the Inhumans joins the FF as her substitute.
Fantastic Four 71

Daredevil (36) 37,38, FF 73


Ann 6


  • Namor, the Sub-Mariner, re-encounters the psychic Destiny and begins to remember the events leading up to his loss of memory in the early 1960s (and Destiny's role in the destruction of Atlantis).
  • Namor first encounters Tiger Shark, the horrific result of the unscrupulous Dr. Dorcas' experiment to siphon the powers of Namor and a shark into an injured swimmer.  
  • Destiny tries to run for President but falls to his death after he goes insane and tries to fly without wearing the Helmet of Power.
  • Namor's old WW II friend, Betty Dean, resurfaces to end a battle between Namor and the Thing.
Tales to Astonish 101, Iron Man & Sub-Mariner 1, Sub-Mariner 1

SM 5, 6


  • Despite the valiant efforts of Jasper Sitwell, Iron Man is captured by the Maggia and the mercenary Whiplash.  The Maggia's plans are disrupted when AIM forces attack.  
  • Iron Man discovers that Agent Sitwell's new girlfriend Whitney Frost is actually the secret head of the Maggia (and Count Nefaria's daughter), and soon ends  up dueling with the Gladiator, who is in the Maggia's employ.
Tales of Suspense 97-99,
Iron Man & Sub-Mariner 1, 
Iron Man 1 

7, 8
  • The Hulk is transported to Asgard by Loki where he meets the Warriors Three and fights the Enchantress and Executioner.
  • The Hulk is embroiled in a complex series of encounters involving the radioactive Missing Link, the Mandarin, Nick Fury, Fury's Soviet counterpart, and Communist China.
  • After leaving Red China, the Hulk lands in the Antarctic Savage Land and with Ka-Zar's help saves the Earth from the alien Galaxy Master's doomsday device.
Tales to Astonish 101, Incredible Hulk 102


109, 110 (-112)
  • Captain America faces Dr. Faustus, a criminal psychiatrist who tries to drive Steve Rogers mad with nightmares of Bucky Barnes' death.
ToS 107
  • The Avengers undergoes a series of lineup changes (Captain America quits, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch rejoin Magneto, Hercules returns to Olympus and the Black Panther is recruited).  The Panther joins just in time to rescue the team from the Grim Reaper, the deceased Wonder Man's brother.
  • The X-Men's Professor Xavier is seemingly killed in an explosion while battling the sub-human Grotesk.
  • Magneto attacks the X-Men but the Avengers become involved when they arrive in search of Quicksilver and Wanda.
  • The four remaining Avengers and the Black Knight battle a newly-reformed Masters of Evil led by Ultron, a renegade robot created by Hank Pym.
  • The Scarlet Centurion, another incarnation of the time-traveling Rama-Tut, pits the current Avengers (plus Captain America) against the founding Avengers in an effort to change history.
  • The Vision, a synthezoid (with synthetic human organs) attacks the Avengers under Ultron's influence.   He rebels and joins the Avengers. (The Vision was built by Ultron from a duplicate body of the original Human Torch and programmed with the deceased Wonder Man’s brain patterns.)
  • Hank Pym (Goliath) has a chemically-induced personality change and becomes Yellowjacket.  The Wasp, Janet Van Dyne, soon realizes that Yellowjacket is actually a deranged Pym, but nonetheless agrees to his marriage proposal. During the wedding, Hank Pym's personality resurfaces.
Avengers 47,49, 50, 52

Uncanny X-Men 42

UXM 43-45/AV 53

AV 54, 55

(56), Ann 2

57, 58, (135)

59, 60

  • In wake of the loss of Professor Xavier, the X-Men disband. 
  • The mutants reunite in time to face the menace of the hypnotic Mesmero (in league with an android Magneto copy).  During the encounter, the powers of the latent mutant Lorna Dane are awakened (Lorna, like her father Magneto, can control magnetism).
Uncanny X-Men 46


  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy first kiss, and begin a romantic relationship.
  • Spider-Man travels to Algiers to clear his parents' reputation and finds out that they were actually killed by the Red Skull for spying on him.
Amazing Spider-Man 59

Annual 5
  • Daredevil fakes the death of his "Mike Murdock" persona. The mantle of Daredevil is taken up by "Mike's unknown protege".
Daredevil 41
  • Nick Fury encounters the enigmatic Scorpio and his Zodiac Key (Scorpio is later discovered to be Fury’s resentful brother, Jake.)
Nick Fury 1, 5
(AV 72)
  • Doctor Strange, aided by Victoria Bentley, finds Clea in the Realm Unknown, held prisoner by Dormammu who was previously banished there during his battle with Eternity.  Strange sends Clea and Victoria back to Earth, but Dormammu calls his sister Umar to his side and invades the Earth dimension as well. However, the former ruler of the Dark Dimension is laid low by his previous mystic vow years ago not to invade the Earth's domain.  
Doctor Strange 171-173
  • The Black Knight proves worthy of the extraterrestrial Ebony Blade of the original Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia, and encounters the spirit of Sir Percy's killer, Modred.
Marvel Super-Heroes 17
  • In China, Dracula first encounters Blade, the vampire killer.
Tomb of Dracula 30
  • The alien Brotherhood of the Badoon attempts to invade Earth but are repelled by the Silver Surfer.
  • The Silver Surfer's purity causes the extra-dimensional demon Mephisto to first tempt, and then harass him.  The Surfer has a brief reunion with his lost love, Shalla-Bal, but Mephisto separates them once again.
Silver Surfer 2

(Friedrich/M. Severin)

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